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MovingTipsThey say that moving is one of the most stressful of life's adventures. The toughest part is that most people don't know where or how to start. You can sidestep the anxiety by breaking your move down into simple steps. Whether it takes you across town or across the country, the process is the same: you must organize your stuff, and then pack it according to where things will go in your new home. It pays to get a professional moving estimate up front in order to facilitate the overall planning. These moving tips will ease your burden.

Organize your stuff - The first step to a successful (read, hassle-free) move is to determine what you want to move. Moving creates a great opportunity to get rid of stuff you no longer want or need. This also reduces the quantity of things to be moved and, therefore, your costs. Sort through your papers and eliminate all those old files that you no longer need - paper is heavy and takes up more room than you expect. Do the same with old furniture and kitchen paraphernalia; you will probably want to change the decor for your new place. Experts say that you should replace your mattress at least every ten years; if yours is older than five years it could be cheaper to get a new one. Don't forget to eliminate clothes that are worn-out, out of date or no longer fit properly. When the weeding process is complete, make lists of what you want to move according to the place they will go in your new place.

Get moving estimates - Before you pack a thing, get estimates so that you know what the move is going to cost you. Do this even if you plan to have friends help you; it may not be worth the cost to your relationships. Call at least two companies to assess your potential costs. A good estimate will help you plan your expenses (this is mandatory if someone else, especially a new employer, is paying for the move). Talking to pros will also help you identify those items that are tricky and require special packing materials. The antique deco mirror from Aunt Rose may cost more to move than you expect. Estimators will also tell you how many boxes and specialty containers you will need. With estimates in hand, you can decide what method of moving you will use.

Pack for the new place - Whether you have professionals pack your things or put it all in boxes yourself, arrange things in boxes according to where they are going in the new place. Your new home may include your first formal dining room; pack the china away from the pots and pans so that you can unpack it directly into that corner cabinet. This holds true for packing the truck as well. If you pack the items and furniture that go deepest into your new home last, when the truck is unloaded those items can go straight to the outer reaches and you won't have to crawl over them or leave them out on the new lawn. The exception to this is to use those bulky pillows and blankets to cushion fragile items; they can go between pieces of art or around large pieces of glassware. Don't forget to tape those mirrors.

Following these moving tips to organize your packing process will reduce your stress and make your move much easier. When the truck pulls away empty from your new home, you'll be the one who can relax.

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